Our Name Jewelry is a jewelry company, which owns its own workshop.

We have a team of designers, goldsmiths, and professional stone setting experts.

Our team produces unique quality designer jewelry for customers worldwide.

The company ensures there is the highest level of attention to all of the quality of our jewelry.

It is important for us to design for you the perfect piece of jewelry for your special occasion.

Our jewelry is made from several materials of your choice.

What stones doyou use?

We onlyuse zircons of AAA quality, Swarovski crystal stones, and diamonds VS quality.

Does 925 sterling silver oxidize?

The answer is no. We only use our 925 sterling silver with rhodium, which is a high-quality material that prevents oxidation and keeps the jewelry shining.

How can I clean the jewelry?

It is recommended to wash the jewelry with soap and water and then use a special cloth for cleaning it.

Do I have a warranty on the jewelry?

Definitely, you have a six-month warranty from the day you place the order. The warranty is on the gold plating and stone settings. Rips and fractures will be repaired at a minimum cost.