How long does it take to get my order?

When you place your order, we start working on it as soon as the order is received. All of our jewelry is made to order, and it takes up to 5 working days to finish the order. Shipping time depends on the shipping method you have selected.

What is your shipping?

We offer these shipping options:

  1. Free Shipping– up to 10 Business Days.
  2. Express Shipping– 2-4 Business Days.

What are my payment options?

You can pay with any credit card or PayPal

Is my order secured?

We use heights online security on our website.

What do you consider to be working days?

Our working days are Sunday to Thursday and do not include Jewish holidays.

Can I take a shower with my jewelry?

Definitely. Soap and water clean the jewelry.

It is not recommended to swim in a pool or the sea with the jewelry.

It is not recommended to clean the jewelry with cleaning chemicals.

What stones do you use?

We use zircons with AAA quality, Swarovski crystal stones, and diamonds VS quality.

Does 925 sterling silver oxidize?

The answer is no. We only use 925 sterling silver with rhodium, which is a high-quality material that prevents oxidation and keeps the jewelry shining.

How can I clean the jewelry?

It is recommended to wash the jewelry with soap and water and then use a special cloth for cleaning it. You can order the cloth here.

Do I have a warranty on the jewelry?

Definitely, you have a six-month warranty for all Silver and Gold-Plated models and a lifetime warranty on solid gold jewelry. Rips and fractures will be repaired at a minimum cost.

How long do I have to exchange the item?

You can exchange your item up to 30 days from the day of purchase, according to our policy.

Do you have cancelation fees for personalized orders?

We do our best to make sure you have the perfect jewelry! If, in any case, you want to exchange/return the jewelry, the company is authorized to collect a 30% cancellation fee from the price of your purchase, according to our Returns policy.

What do I do if I notice that I made a mistake in the order?

Please contact us IMMEDIATELY, and we will endeavor to rectify the problem for you. However, we may charge an extra 30% on the price of the purchase if work as already commenced.